Becoming German

OK – I’ve been in Germany for over 15 years now and I’ve struggled to become German. I mean I can speak German, I can drive on the right, I’ve even been known to go out with unshaved legs and wear Birkenstocks. From fifty paces, I might even fool some people. Well, short sighted people, anyway.

So how easy is it actually to become German?

I think Günther has the answer.


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2 responses to “Becoming German

  1. Hi,
    Just saw via Toytown that you’ve got a blog now! Way to go. Looking forward to reading it.

    ian in hamburg
    PS: my wife liked the book a lot! I will read it soon, hope to do a review.

  2. I have a real problem. Papa was German so I have all the looks of a REAL German. Tricky when you are on the street and people start speaking rapid fire German to you.
    BTW: Mausi sent me.

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