My daughter’s cat is a closet nazi

I’m worried about my daughter’s cat.

Here in Germany the Green Party is running a set of posters alerting people to the risk of a new rise in neo-nazism. The posters look like this.


Well of course I thought nothing of it when I saw the posters, other than admiring a nice bit of photo-shop manipulation. I thought the image was meant to be allegorical. And anyway, nobody living around our neighbourhood looks remotely like a neo-nazi. In fact most of them don’t look like a neo anything.

But then I arrived home and spotted my daughter’s white cat out patrolling the garden. I couldn’t have been more shocked if I’d been struck on the head by a falling paint bucket!

Here’s the chilling sight that greeted me!


It was all there! The hair, the moustache. The way he was walking along the fence with a clear plan to invade and annex next door’s garden. The tendency to bully small rodents in the garden. The small furry or feathery corpses on the doormat in the mornings.

There could no longer be any doubt. My worst nightmare was realised.
By day, he’s undercover as a lazy fluffy feline who spends 12 hours at a stretch sprawled on top of the radiator next to my desk. By night he’s engaged as a right wing activist in an illegal feline organisation. He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a lickspittle and a cad.

My daughter’s cat is a nazi!

I’ll never live this down!


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13 responses to “My daughter’s cat is a closet nazi

  1. Were any animals harmed in the making of this post?

    BTW: Love the crocuses.

  2. cartooncat

    Thanks Ian… they’re also in the garden.
    Yes, it only took me a week to work out how to change the image! That’s pretty good going for a non-geek, don’t you think?

  3. This started my day off with a good chuckle! Thanks!

  4. palomina

    Sorry to butt into your blog, but…
    *Grump to the power of a very high number*


    Your daughter

  5. Hee. Did you know there’s actually a site you can send pictures to if your cat happens to look like the H-man.

  6. cartooncat

    Ye Gods! That would be tantamount to signing up your cat for the nazi party!

  7. Yup, no doubt about it. Your going to have to do something about that cat…ciao:)

  8. I think your daughter’s cat resembles Charlie Chaplin or Groucho Marx more than Mr Hitler (it is the centre part of the ‘hair’ that makes all the difference).

    Christina beat me to the punch with the link to the website. I believe they refer to the cats with the unfortunate resemblance as “kitlers”.

  9. cartooncat

    Hmmm…. wonder if I can get him to smoke cigars and do the Groucho walk…. 🙂

  10. Mairead

    ….hmmm….Groucho is more like it. Maybe try the miniture cigars first with low tar content?

  11. Heh. That poster is priceless. Better start keeping close tabs on that cat.

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  13. This is hilarious 😀

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