Meet the Katzenbabies!

Our cat Sooty gave birth to five beautiful kittens four weeks ago.

For anyone who hasn’t had this experience… I thought I’d tell the story of a month in kittens.

When they’re first born they look like this – sort of blind mouse-creatures with claws and whiskers.

By three weeks of full-fat mother’s milk, they’re more like fat little guineau pigs – and spend most of their time climbing over each other to get at one of Mum’s teats

Then at four weeks, suddenly they’re miniature cats, their eyes are open and they’re learning to walk…

“C’mon guys… there’s a whole suite of furniture out here for us to test our claws on….”

“What do I do with the right paw again?”

“….and now you lift the left and put your weight on the right….”

Today… the kitchen floor.

Tomorrow… the curtains! Muhahahahaha!


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9 responses to “Meet the Katzenbabies!

  1. Oh my goodness! They are so adorable!

  2. Mairead

    How cute! Little teeny fur babies! I can’t believe Lulah & Ayrton were that tiny once…ok Lulah maybe, but not Ayrton!

    And curtains-of course they will, I think it’s a rite of passage for any cat. 😀

  3. A writhing mass of kittens – my idea of heaven! I’m so jealous. They are too cute for words (and not one of them looks even a tiny bit like Hitler – you must be relieved).

  4. cartooncat

    Ha! If any of them looked like Hitler, I’d be suing the vet for botching my older daughter’s cat’s *ahem* operation! And the nazi-cat himself would be insisting on a DNA test….he wouldn’t want the KSA on his case (kitten support agency).

  5. Ohhhh nothing so cute as a box of fresh kittens… wish I could have a cuddle – love their little blue eyes

  6. So sweet! If I didn’t have this wicked cat allergy (really, it makes me all sneezy and itchy) I think we’d have at least two cats around. Life is unfair.

  7. silkii

    OMG, this pics make me wanna have another kitten. almost 2 years ago lana was just as small… now she is all grown and my sweeatheart.
    do they all have a home by now?

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