Would you recognise yourself described in a tabloid?

This is a new experience for me…. what with all the PR around Planet Germany, I’m used to the language of book reviews and Amazon blurb. But all of a sudden, I’ve started being written up in the popularist press.

Great PR! I’m really pleased of course.

But will I ever get used to the way I’m described in it? Mum of three Cathy Dobson. Excuse me? Isn’t the reason you’re writing the article that I’m an author? How about successful writer Cathy Dobson? Or even bestselling author Cathy Dobson?

But no… in the tabloid world I’m an appendage, apparently. Cathy moved to Frankfurt in 1991 with hubby Chris, who is from Birmingham and works as a sports journalist.

Hello! Can anyone see me? I have a career too! I run my own business! Hello….over here! Oh never mind….


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6 responses to “Would you recognise yourself described in a tabloid?

  1. That’s great! I love the picture. Can you order your book through USA Amazon?

  2. cartooncat

    Yes – search under Cathy Dobson, Planet Germany. It’s right there and in stock.

  3. If you’re disappointed by the article, you have your answer in the by-line: they meant Stiff Writer. 🙂

    So… sports journalist. Freelance? Publications? Enquiring minds, etc…

    BTW, what paper is that, anyway?

  4. cartooncat

    The article is from Sixth Sense. The British Army newspaper. I should add that I’m not disappointed with the article – it’s great publicity! It’s just that I somehow don’t recognise myself in it….

    “Hubby” 😉 is freelance.

  5. Congratulations on the article!

  6. All press is good press, right? 😉

    Congrats on the write up!

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