All grown up and ready to move house!

The kittens are all growing up now… and it’s utter, total mayhem in our house. Wherever you try to step….wherever you try to sit down, there’s a kitten there already. By the time you’re reading this post I’ll probably have broken my neck.

Even something as simple as putting a box on the floor with old newspapers for recycling seems to attract a horde of kittens… it’s like having a toddler’s birthday party in your home day-in-day-out. Here’s the scene in our living room earlier.

A few people have left messages asking whether any of the kittens are available for adoption… the answer is yes. We’ll keep two of them – but the other three are looking for good homes. They’re all males – and even I think five is too many tomcats for one house! Leave a message if you’re seriously interested in giving a home to one of them (and live somewhere around Düsseldorf).


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6 responses to “All grown up and ready to move house!

  1. “By the time you’re reading this post I’ll probably have broken my neck.”

    Well, just as long as you don’t break any cute kitten necks in the process, it’s all good. 😉
    They are so cute! I would love to have a cat but it’s not possible at the moment ( for lack of space and I am moving around too often, can’t do that to a cat).

  2. Mairead

    I would say yes please but we have our hands full already as you know! You will enjoy 2 tiny furry folk getting up to no good….just like their older siblings! 😀
    (NB. Last night Lullah attempted to escape out of the tilt & turn window 2 floors up using the curtains as a ladder!)

    I’m sure there is a girlie on Toytown Germany who has put a wanted add out for a male kitten-have look if you haven’t seen it already.

  3. Mamabear

    OMG they are just like our girl Venice. Two questions Where & When 🙂
    I have a Dr. appt. today at 2:30.
    otherwise we can come any day this week.
    If you could be so kind to give us your phone and address.
    Pattie & Bernd Martin

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. cartooncat

    Viviane… thanks, I think….
    Mairead – yes… that’s Mamabear – she’s just collected her kitten, who is presumably scaling her curtains as we speak….
    Mamabear… I hope he’s behaving himself… no actually I hope he’s having a lovely time and being spoilt rotton, because he’s lovely. We loved having him – and we’re so happy he’s gone to a loving home.

  5. sami

    i was wondering if you have any kittens left if you do i would love to give one a loving home

  6. Hi Sami,

    I’m afraid they’re not kittens any more! They’re proper sized grown up cats by now (doesn’t time fly!) – we rehomed those that weren’t going to stay with us ages ago.

    I would recommend you call the animal shelter closest to you – the one in Düsseldorf has literally hundreds of cats looking for good homes. They sometimes have kittens too – especially if they’ve taken in a pregnant stray.

    Good luck – I’m sure you’ll find one!

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