Banging on about the war

One of the things that always annoys me about my fellow Brits is that they will keep banging on about the second world war. Any football international between England and Germany brings wartime references out in the tabloids. Several interviewers who talked to me recently about Planet Germany brought up questions about the second world war…. even though it’s barely even mentioned in the book.

So it wasn’t a surprise when someone reminded me today of one of those great ads from our youth. What did surprise me was that despite the fact that I’m the biggest critic of English people who constantly talk about the war…. it’s had me chuckling all afternoon.

Guess I’d better go and wash my mouth out with soap!


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5 responses to “Banging on about the war

  1. G

    Tagged you for a book meme- come check it out.

  2. Too funny (yes, I know it’s bad to laugh). I had an extra chuckle because the theme to the Dam Busters was my school song (bizarre, I know).

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  4. Charisma

    HAHAHAHAHA! I was rolling on the floor laughing!!!

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