A shelf revealed…

G posted a meme asking me to reveal what’s on my shelves. I’ve never had one of these before… but I discover that a meme is a bit like a parlour game. G revealed her shelves in response to Slouching Mom‘s show and tell. Slouching Mom was acting under orders from Niobe. I guess nobody argues with Niobe, because her blog is called Dead Baby Jokes… which must make people treat her warily….

When I went for a browse of G’s shelves I was really excited to spot that she’s actually got a copy of Planet Germany sitting there in plain view, nestling between a recipe book and one of those impressive coffee table books with photos of Berlin. Having seen that, of course, I couldn’t refuse.

But then I realised… if G has read Planet Germany, then she already knows that my house is the most chaotic, untidy and undusted place in the whole of Germany. If I attempt to cheat, by dusting a couple of feet of the bookshelf and taking a snap of that…. G will rumble me. She’ll expose me as a fraud, a cheat, a scoundrel… she might distrust me so much, she’d even mistake me for a Member of Parliament.

No… I had to do this honestly. No cheating, no attempting to put books straight and absolutely no vacuuming.

Ladies, gentlemen and dead babies of the world… I bring you *drumroll* my bookshelf! (Well, a bit of one of them anyway…)

And a couple of close ups just so you can see some titles (I’m still trying to distract you all from the cobwebs…)

OK… that’s done. Now I have to nominate some other bloggers to show their shelves….

Umm… let me see… I pick…

Mausi and Maribeth (only if you want to of course)

I suppose we should all breathe a sigh of relief it was the bookshelves this time, not the deepest depths of the kitchen cupboards…. or the dark recesses of the fridge. I wonder what did happen to that Camembert…..


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8 responses to “A shelf revealed…

  1. I would absolutely love to read some of those (very non-cobwebby-looking) books.

    And I guess it would be nice (for me, anyway) if I did rule the world and everyone complied with my slightest wish. But, sadly (or not, depending on your perspective), that is soooo not the case.

  2. G

    To be fair, that’s not a coffee table book (I don’t actually have any of those)- it’s the official Berlin residence packet they give you when you get a residence permit. The amusing thing is that they did not have it in English, so I have the French version, which I did wade my way through to understand things such as my integration

  3. Okay, but you must give me a few minutes and then I will post the results. Oh dear, my bookshelves are a sight! But here goes nothing!

  4. cartooncat

    Yay! Brilliant!

    Niobe… you can pop round and read my books any time. Bring gloves.

    G… a Berlin residence packet in French! Wow… that must have helped you integrate into Germany!
    “Ou sont les saucissons?”

    Maribeth… you’re a star. And the curator of the world’s largest collection of books about the sex lives of dachshunds from the look of it… I knew you’d be a good pick!

  5. Hi cartooncat

    I’m now days at NowPublic and no longer at Newsvine.


  6. Ooo! Every time I go to someone’s house the first thing I do is head straight for the book shelves oogling and fondling whoever’s collection. And now I can oggle people’s shelves without ever having met them. Oh what the internet can’t do!

    The first thing my eyes were drawn to were the Harry Potters. 🙂

  7. Finally doing my shelf meme today!

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