Learn to speak German in less than a minute

We’re all told that German is a difficult language to learn. Its grammar is grisly, its pronunciation prickly and its cases catastrophic.

Well now I can reveal…exclusively to readers of this blog… that there is an easier way to learn German. It’s effective and quick. Throw away those grammar books and try this method….



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5 responses to “Learn to speak German in less than a minute

  1. ROFLOL! That is a good one!

  2. I tried that out just now on my neighbour’s car and all I got were a bunch of strange looks from the people across the street.

  3. cartooncat

    Ian… no wonder. Your neighbours probably have a Fiat. You were speaking Italian!

  4. Very funny. I couldn’t understand a dang thing the first guy said, which made it even funnier when the 2nd guy said: “yea, you’re right!”

  5. Charisma

    Okay, I as a german did not get all of what they said. It is something like “They less people know about it… (then something I don’t understand)… they better they’d sleep.”

    The Micky Mouse voice makes it hard to understand 🙂

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