Strange souvenirs and spiders

Does anyone else accumulate odd artefacts which gather dust and cobwebs on your walls?

I’m a flea market addict. I love browsing junk shops and bric-a-brac stalls and picking up old objects which my family of Philistines say just clutter up our home. To add to the dispute, I’m totally and completely useless at housework… and our house is the premier breeding ground for spiders in all Germany. So my flea market treasures normally have a delightful frosting of dust and some cheery swags of cobwebs festooned across them for good measure.

Here’s a picture of one part of my living room wall.

The clock came from a flea market just up the road. It still goes…as long as you remember to wind it up every day. And it has a lovely chime with deep bongs every half an hour.

The picture on the left is an icon of the Last Supper I picked up in Greece. And on the right is a French painting of some chickens which my father gave me once… I really love that one.

Under it are two moulds – also from a flea market. I’m not entirely sure what they were used for. They’re made of wax, they’re finely carved with figures in crinolines… and they man I bought them from said he got them from an old “Konditorei” (pastry shop) – though he wasn’t sure what they were used for either.

If anyone else fancies showing what they have on their wall, please do have a go! Leave a link here, and we’ll all come and have a look.



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5 responses to “Strange souvenirs and spiders

  1. Oh you should see my “formal dining room”, AKA the place I store all the junk!

  2. Well, this isn’t on my wall, but it’s odd and amazing nonetheless. It’s a monkey cookie jar and chip/dip set:

    I love how it looks like that one monkey is vomiting into the leaf. My husband hates that I actually have those monkeys set up in our china cabinet.

  3. “Hi. I’m Tuli. I’m house-keeping challenged.”

    Seriously, we should form a ‘hate to dust’ club. We’d have at least two members.

    I posted a picture in my blog that, unbeknownst to me, was loaded with cobwebs.

    If you click on the picture of the world’s most awesome lamp, you can see the cobwebs lurking in the corner behind it.

  4. Oh, Tuli, you’re not the only house-keeping challenged one, believe me! Check out this post from my old blog:

    I think I should just embrace the dust. Maybe even start giving the dust bunnies names.

    Great lamp though!

  5. Please. Amateurs, the lot of you. My spiders packed up and moved next door in disgust.

    The molds, by the by are probably butter molds.

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