“Planet Germany” is reviewed in the Telegraph

This is an exciting moment for me.  My book, Planet Germany, has been reviewed in the Telegraph. (You have to scroll down a bit to find the right bit).

I think I might raise a glass of something bubbly tonight.

Thank you everyone!


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11 responses to ““Planet Germany” is reviewed in the Telegraph

  1. Great review!

    Any plans for the book to be released in the States?

  2. This is wonderful! And yes, you do need to give the dachshunds a wide birth! I should know, I’ve got 3 of them! LOL

  3. BTW, just ordered your book from Amazon.

  4. Oh jeez. AMAZON! The one place I didn’t look.

    Thanks, Cartooncat!

  5. Congratulations! I hope they have an adequate stockpile for the rush of orders. Bubbly indeed.

  6. Florian

    Dear Katy,

    Today I finally received the copy of your book from my local shop in Kenilworth. Having grown up in Schwaben I reveled in many childhood memories while I read your account of German family life.
    Did you ever try to publish a translation? I think that you might be surprised by the number potential readers of a German edition.

    Best wishes, Florian

  7. Some nice quotes to use there!

  8. Fantastic, I’m thrilled for you!!! I will look for your book.

  9. J


    Also, somehow you managed to find the wrong thread for the 2008 Meet-Up on my blog (you commented on the 2006 thread. The correct one is here

  10. Well done! We’re all waiting for your second novel. 🙂

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