Summer has arrived!

For months we’ve all been dreaming about it… even our neo-nazi-lookalike cat has spent a long Winter of the soul waiting for the Summer to arrive again.

Well now it’s here (even if only temporarily) … and our entire family life has moved outside. Not just the tables and chairs… but also the washing, bicycles, the grill and all the trappings of a large and disorganised, highly un-Germanic family. It’s just as well that we can live in the open air really. My chronic inability to get on with the gardening means that the house is disappearing under wisteria, ivy, honeysuckle and a lunatic grapevine. In another month we probably won’t know there’s a building there at all, and we’ll have to sleep in the farmyard too.

When the weather is lovely like this, one of the great joys is grilling every evening. The Germans plough their way through kilos of sausages and steaks at this time of the year. But I’m enjoying learning how to make all sorts of grilled vegetables at the moment. Last week I acquired a sort of mesh-pan which makes it a lot easier because you can turn them by giving the pan a good shake. Drizzled with a basil, olive oil, garlic and lemon dressing they’re wonderful.


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9 responses to “Summer has arrived!

  1. Oh, thank you for your post. What a wonderful piece. Here in Illinois in USA, we’re still waiting for summer. It’s slow to arrive this year. I’ve enjoyed visiting yours.

  2. Oh I have to get one of those. I think grilling some eggplant and mushrooms and onions would be lovely! Not to mention the zucchini and summer squash!

  3. Mmm, yummy! We’re planning to grill up a bunch of vegetables this evening too. I’d be happy to live on those and dispense with all the pork products. 🙂

    Your house looks beautiful with everything climing all over it. Is the wisteria difficult to grow?

  4. No – Wisteria isn’t hard to grow – though it does like to be on a south facing wall/fence/tree if possible.

    It does tend to go a bit mad though – at some stage I will have to hack mine back a bit…

  5. yrodriguez

    The summer has arrived but the days have all gone crazy. I live in Los Angeles California and one week it’ll be warm and sunny outside and then the next week it’ll be chilli and cloudy. This weather is just crazy. I enjoy the summer so much. I love going to the beach with friends and family doing some grilling or simply going to the park for a relaxing day. I got to admit I love California weather. I have visited Colorado during the winter and during the summer and the weather is simply horrible. It’ll either be too hot or too cold.

  6. Long, bright days and so much color–I’m amazed how different Germany feels in the summer. Glad to know you and Nazi-kitty are also enjoying !

  7. I am sooo happy that summer is her know. Normally it comes and goes again and comes again in July. That is the rule in Germany.

  8. borat100

    We are sooo happy that summer is finally here
    i love to eat food
    because i am a FAT pie 🙂
    i also like cheeesyyy car wheels
    they slidde 😉
    my name is borat
    i am sexy]
    vain ?? NOO
    not me:D
    i am funny also
    i no you are already laughing with me not at me of course:)

    write back my sexy people
    love borat ( the sexy man)

    p.s guess what??…



    I AM SEXY 😉

  9. Rishat Muhametshin

    Russians do not like living outside in few meters near their house. They all as one fly out to get a rest in Egypt and Thailand, and I see it boring. Living in yard, I think, is very interesting, and good for health. Unfortunately, Russian culture declines every yard – only big, tall buildings, made of concrete…

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