Fish and chips at the fairground

I already mentioned that Whitsun in Meerbusch is not complete without a trip to the fair.

Apart from all the rides, it’s fun to browse the wonderfully kitschy stalls, with their strange array of things to eat…. popcorn, candy floss, toffee apples, lebkuchen-hearts…

Of course there’s one stall which we Brits always make a beeline for. The Backfischbude. This is the one place and time when you can get proper English-style Fish ‘n’ Chips in Germany.

The only secret the the Germans haven’t discovered about Fish ‘n’ Chips (nobody breathe a word, OK) is you need to add proper malt vinegar. This is impossible to find in German supermarkets. We import it ourselves from Britain.

So on Saturday, we went along for our Fish ‘n’ Chips with a secret stash of our precious malt vinegar carefully decanted into a miniature whisky bottle.

As we sat down to enjoy the feast, we did get some odd looks from Germans as we all appeared to pour a generous measure of Scotch onto our fish… in fact I could almost hear the clunk of jaws dropping when not only we adults but also our children followed suit.

Finally, I have to share with you this couple of slot machines I found lurking over near the dodgems. They don’t make ’em like that any more!


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6 responses to “Fish and chips at the fairground

  1. LOL! I know what you mean. Although we American’s tend to eat fish and chips with tarter sauce and ketchup! You can tell us a mile away at a fish and chip shop!
    Hubby’s flask would have had scotch in it!

  2. Have you been to “Piccadilly circus” in Cologne? It might be a bit closer for getting malt vinegar supplies 🙂 [] or even []

  3. Thanks for the tip Graham… once our 5 litre container of malt vinegar runs out (should be any week now) I’ll have to pop along there…. 🙂

  4. I’m sure fish and chips with whisky is a delicacy in Scotland! From the country who invented the deep fried Mars bar what more would you expect…
    In fact, I quite fancy a bit of Chips with Whiskey! 😉

  5. DrJ

    Downunder we have our fish’nchips with white vinegar and I just can’t adapt to that malt vinegar taste- it’s ALMOST right but then again wrong.

  6. Very nice story. That sounds like salsa for the Americans. There is one good brand at Real, but a few years back, no chance.

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