Bloggink in German

OK – up to now I’ve only blogged here in English. But actually German is a pretty easy language to pick up – at least it is the way I speak it!

So let me tell you about my day yesterday in German:

Ich wontten schoppen gehen. Ist regenning, zo ich mit mein auto schoppen gehen. Dammundblast die flippenflappen windskrinnwipper kapputten.

Zo ich zu gefukkenautoficksershoppen. Ich saggen: “Die blüddifuckenflippenflappen windskrinnwipper kapputten. Du ficksen bitte.”

Der gefukkenautofickser saggen: “Neue flippenflappen windskrinnwipper kosten lotsenlotseneuros. Hier ist Uppentottenreckning.”

Ich saggen: “Das ist blüddifuckink heiwei Robbering.” Ich given flippenflappen windskrinnwipper backken getten auto en püttenfuttdownen buggeroffheim.


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8 responses to “Bloggink in German

  1. That’s my kind of Deutsch!

  2. silvia

    whats your point with this nonsense/crap?
    Up untill now, I was reading and enjoying your blog, but your writing is turning into a major “verarsche”, don’t you think?

  3. I always think it’s such a shame that when people enjoy something they don’t leave a comment… and when there’s one post they don’t like that’s the one that spurs them finally to post a message.

    Glad you’ve been enjoying it so far. Sorry this one didn’t please. Hey… you won’t like everything I write. (And yes… I’m happy to approve negative comments as well as positive ones).

  4. In my high school (lo, those many years ago), the language classes each put on a little play in the language they were studying. My German class decided that we would do ours in fake German. We did “Die Emperor’s Neuen Clothesen,” and the script looked much like the above, but without so much bludifuckink. Afterward, countless people remarked on how much easier it was to understand German than any other language and that perhaps it was b/c English was so closely related…

  5. Thomas

    thx, and now I have to clean a monitor…

  6. Matthias

    Waharharhar ….

    That reminds me of Chaplin in The Great Dictator …

    “Strutensakk ant ze Sauerkrrrraut….”

    Contrary to some Posters here, I -as aGerman- enjoyed this …

  7. Michael

    Fascinating! It sounds a little bit like Texas German.

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