German drivers who cut you up…

Do you ever have days when all the other vehicles on the road seem to be driven by Dumköpfe?

I was out and about in Meerbusch the other day when a bus overtook me and pulled in directly ahead of me, causing me to brake sharply. Normally I’m not the type of person who is in the slightest prone to road rage… I’m serene in the face of idiocy. I laugh at teutonic rudeness.

But this vehicle’s manoeuvre left me spluttering with anger as I tried to find the right insult to shout out of the window.

Unfortunately nothing much sprang to mind. Anyone got any ideas?


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3 responses to “German drivers who cut you up…

  1. Ahh, I see his reputation precedes him. Or follows him?? 🙂

    My husband refers to drivers like that as Torfköppe – peat heads. Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

  2. Well I’ll be fücked! Hilarious.

  3. I guess the back of the bus said it all about the driver.

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