Kittens exploring the garden

We decided to keep three of the kittens in the end. This week they had their debut in the big wide outdoor world.

It’s been wonderful watching them explore their new domain. The sheds and woodstores have been popular – there are some great hiding places.

Helping (ahem) with the gardening is also a new favourite pastime.

And of course… whenever a plantpot gets knocked over, or a bag of potting compost ripped….

…it wasn’t me! Honest!



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6 responses to “Kittens exploring the garden

  1. They’re all so cute!

  2. Ah, the joys of kittens. Just think of the blog fodder they will provide. Pure gold.

  3. Ah, Tuxedo cats I love them.

  4. I just love tuxedo kitties.
    Especially ones with black faces and white whiskers!

  5. Mairead

    Ahhh how cute! And having lots of fun.
    Scarily they look very similar to Ayrton & Lullah (earlier liter of furry folk)….same Daddy?

  6. Yep… I saw him (the Daddy) the other day in the garden having a “chat” with Rufus about territorial rights… here he is.

    (Typical men… all bluster!)

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