A very happy birthday

It was my birthday at the weekend.

On Friday my husband suddenly announced that he was taking me for an impromptu weekend trip to Bruges in Belgium – so we flung a few clothes into a bag and off we toddled.

If anyone hasn’t visited Bruges… it’s one of those things you must do before you die. The entire city consists for medieval streets, houses, pubs, churches and public buildings. All of them are beautiful and many absolutely breathtaking in their loveliness. It’s like walking into a medieval timewarp – the sense of history is overwhelming.

What’s more… the town is alive. It’s not a museum, or a Disneyland. There are real people living their day-to-day lives in these houses and these streets.

We had a fabulous birthday lunch on the St. Stevinplaats and then wandered around the town, browsing the shops, marvelling at the buildings and the canals.

There were two other highlights of the day. One was a very specially made gift from my daughter – a mug she had printed with a photo-montage of photos she took of our various cats.

The other highlight was finding this lovely review of Planet Germany on Andie’s blog. What a fabulous surprise… it really made my already perfect day!



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7 responses to “A very happy birthday

  1. Wonderful. I am so pleased to see that others are enjoying your book as much as I am.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Looks lovely there. How did you get there? Is it realistic for a three-day weekend from north Germany, say?

    BTW – your book still waiting to be read! When done so, will be reviewed. 🙂

  3. From Düsseldorf it’s about two and a half hours by car (traffic permitting). The ADAC reckons six and a half hours from Hamburg (644 km)… depends how you feel about that much driving really.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the kitty mug and Bruges looks lovely – we’ve only whizzed through Belgium on our way to somewhere else but have never stopped to see the sights.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Thanks for the recommendation and a belated happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! I’m trying to convince hubby that we need to go to Bruges. Maybe next year, I’m getting Istria this year 😉

  7. the free translations of “Happy Birthday” in loads of languages are here if you want it…


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