German slapstick humour

A set of intelligent and public spirited Germans decide to entertain some unsuspecting joggers in the woods…. oddly enough, their audience seems to be lacking in their appreciation of slapstick humour. I wonder why….



Filed under comedy, German video, Life in Germany

3 responses to “German slapstick humour

  1. hmmm…. there goes the 200€ iPod and the 200€ handy and, if it were a special day, the 500€ digital camera.

  2. good point about the eLosses.

    I saw the same trick done in a mattress store in Germany (on youtube or via email). It was funny. People thought the mattress was a normal mattress, but low and behold, it was . . . full of water – non-encapsulated water.

    Same trick – equally funny.

  3. OMG…yep, that’s their humor. And they wonder why the rest of the world views them as strange…

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