What prejudices do you have about Germany?

This chap – an Irish comedian called Dylan Moran – has quite a few!



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5 responses to “What prejudices do you have about Germany?

  1. He’s really right about non-Germans and the fact that immediately they only think of Hitler…

    My American Mother met my lovely, sweet and affable German Father in law and all she could say was that he made her think of some Nazi soldier. Geeze.

  2. Patricia

    He’s very naughty, but very funny!

  3. ouch! funny, i read your comment about seeing the positive side and then came to see this video on your blog 😉

    thanks for the guilty laughs!

  4. Hahaha! I can only think of the father of my dear English friend…when I told him I was moving to Germany, he came out with many of the examples that this gentleman used 🙂

  5. This is too funny! When I first met my German fiance, I started reading up on Germany, which of course included Hitler. Finally one day he asked me if we could not talk about Hitler everyday since there’s more to Germany than Hitler. Oops.

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