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Everything you wanted to know about German toilets but were too scared to ask

Probably the most common preoccupation of ex-pats the world over is toilets. And where but Germany has such weird ones?

I recently discovered that there’s a fellow ex-pat who has produced a series of clips on YouTube solely devoted to toilets in the countries he has visited. Obviously Germany has been a major destination on his travels – and rather than visiting the Brandenburg gate or the Hofbrauhaus, he has wisely spent most of his time in the smallest room, marvelling at the cultural differences.

I’ll let him introduced the “inspection shelf model” in his own words…

Following the initial episode, our intrepid hero did however find something to his liking about German bathrooms… in fact I think he may actually extend his stay indefinitely….


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German slapstick humour

A set of intelligent and public spirited Germans decide to entertain some unsuspecting joggers in the woods…. oddly enough, their audience seems to be lacking in their appreciation of slapstick humour. I wonder why….


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Planet Germany is “Book of the Month”

Well that was a lovely surprise! I found out today that Planet Germany has been chosen as “Book of the Month” on Army Wives United.

Planet Germany is Book of the Month

Planet Germany is Book of the Month

Given the number of Army Wives who have had the experience of living in Germany, there must be quite a number who can empathise with the stories in the book. I can hear the chuckling all the way from JHQ….


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