New Year traditions in Germany

In my case, the main tradition for New Year’s Day is seeing how long I can put off clearing up the aftermath of last night’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Right now I have managed to drink four cups of coffee and have spent two hours gazing out of the window at the extraordinary amount of detretis from fireworks which currently litters our courtyard, without fetching the broom.

Fireworks - the aftermath

Fireworks - the aftermath

The temperature outside is minus five. That’s ear-freezingly nippy.

I think I’ll just put on another pot of coffee….



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3 responses to “New Year traditions in Germany

  1. G

    We only watched and I managed to sleep past noon and drink two cups of cofee without much motivation. Berlin had workrs scraping the sidewalks around 13:30, though the streets will remain filled until the rains come, I think.

  2. Oooh,that nasty job is left to my kids and husband since they made all the mess. I get to sit back and laugh (while looking at all the dirty dishes from last night’s dinner piled in the sink – *sigh*)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Ah yes. Last year we spent New Year’s in the Black Forest. While driving home the next day, the streets in the little villages we passed were completely covered with debris. We had to dodge it as we drove! 🙂

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