Come to weird and wacky Germany!

I happened to come across this travel site on one of my recent excursions around the internet.

Of all travel writing about Germany, it is the only one I’ve seen that makes Germany sound like a cool and hip place to visit. In fact a positive den of drink, drugs and vice.

This is drunkblogging at its finest. By the simple trick of feeding the text into (probably) Babelfish, running it through five languages and letting it pop out back in a form of scrambled literary English, it has achieved what no other site has ever done. It has made Germany a must see. One American friend I showed it to immediately said:

Everyone — get in the car! We’re going to Germany dammit!”

As for me, I am inspired. I plan to move into a foppish castle at the earliest opportunity.
I also intend to store the following phrases for future use:
– where every crossway offers free-flowing beer up the wazoo
– though this is rattling rare
– be delighted with the long opportunities for fleshly activities
– whether for meliorate or worse


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8 responses to “Come to weird and wacky Germany!

  1. Hi Cathy, My dackel Anneliese is in Heat! We leave on Friday for Berlin, Germany!!!

  2. Yikes Maribeth! You let Anneliese read this article? It’ll be “the long opportunities for fleshly activities” that caused this….you keep a close eye on her now, or she’ll be “up the Wazoo” with a German Shepherd… and then where will you all be? 😉

  3. dragonkillernz

    Well, I went to the Teutonic Oktoberfest, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any opportunities for fleshy activities, long or otherwise

  4. It’s actually a splog, I bet. A machine mines the internet for the right keywords, runs it through a translation or two, formats and posts. Nobody writes it, and I hope nobody reads it, much less clicks on the ads. They’re basically thieves.

  5. Mh, I guess I can copy cat that.
    From now on I will write in German only and translate to all available languages as well.
    Smart move 🙂
    Maybe I actually should move BACK to Germany after all.

  6. guideontravel

    Nice blog….

  7. After I posted the link, they put up a proper translation. Shame… I enjoyed the old one better!

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