Karneval costumes

As Karneval continues there has been much rummaging around in cupboards and boxes to find the components of ever more fanciful costumes.

My youngest daughter has unearthed a fabulous original 1970s kaftan which used to belong to my Mother. So now she’s a groovy hippy. Far out man!



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4 responses to “Karneval costumes

  1. Very awesome costume – it’s great when you can supplement your costume with some “real stuff”!!
    I am from Cologne, and I loved Karneval as a child. Making costumes from your parents old clothes or have your Mom sew fringes on your pants that could qualify you as a veritable “Indianer” was awesome – weeks of fun before the actual event and once it was there, it was one week of all play. This little Indian says Hau (and hopes it doesn’t qualify as non-PC)

  2. I apologize, I thought I could post an image, but now this will have to do:

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