The correct use of the knobbly stick

One of the key tools of parenting as you get older is the knobbly stick.

A knobbly stick is the thing that old fogies wave at young whippersnappers in order to make their point. Of course, you have to learn it from somewhere… so yesterday we had a knobbly stick technique course over the dinner table.

Here we see our older daughter practising her technique.  This is the “air jab”… to accompany phrases like: “Young people nowadays don’t know how to behave…” or “When I was your age…”

Here we see the defensive gesture. This one goes with phrases such as: “Stay away from my rhubarb plot,” or “I’ll have your guts for garters!”

And here we see the parental maestro himself demonstrating the “attacking jab” which usually goes with an accusation. “You’ve not done the washing up for three days in a row, lad. You want to buck your ideas up.”

I hope you’re all practising at home!


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2 responses to “The correct use of the knobbly stick

  1. “…and yer balls fer bookends!”

  2. My son is a little young for that now but I need to get me one ASAP! 🙂

    That’ll show ’em who’s boss!

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