What do you miss about the UK?

I often get asked this. The answer is… not much. Well actually, at this time of year there’s one thing. The Creme Egg.

Here’s one way to open one… brought to you by the official flatmate from Hell!


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5 responses to “What do you miss about the UK?

  1. David

    Good news, you can buy those awesome Creme Eggs (and more) at this online store, like I did. But hurry while they still have some 🙂


  2. David… just as long as you build me one of those contraptions to open them with 😉

  3. When I lived in Heidelberg, I was excited to find that the American base had Creme Eggs, but they were the American version with the inferior chocolate. On the other hand, just today I was beside myself to find Hanuta here in Maryland. Woo!

  4. I couldn’t wait that long to open it – I love Creme Eggs, but we don’t get them in this part of France!

  5. Great stuff. However, having gone to so much trouble to create such a contraption, its surprising they didn’t make a better video of it.

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