Grow your own salads and vegetables

This year I’m going to grow my own salads and vegetables.

My delightful but permanently broke teenage son agreed for a modest fee to clear part of the jungle garden to create a small vegetable plot. So the first thing I did was to plant beans, kohlrabi, onions, potatoes and cabbages.

I didn’t plant all those weeds, though… they did that themselves!

But this is a fairly shady part of the garden. The bit that gets the sun is the old farmyard… which is concreted over. So there I decided to try growing things in pots.

It’s a bit of a hotchpotch of flowers, herbs, lettuces, cabbages and peas… but it was a lot of fun to do. And we get to eat it afterwards!


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4 responses to “Grow your own salads and vegetables

  1. A potty garden! I have much the same here in UK…sure saves a hell of a lot of weeding.

  2. Love it! Wish we could do the same, but here we can only seem to grow sand-dunes in the garden. I’d set the hose on it, but I’ve just received our last quarter’s water bill!

  3. Sonya

    Oh wow you have so many wonderful things growing! I’m for the first time giving container gardening a shot. Im growing cucumbers,bell peppers,egg plant and cherry tomatoes. I live in the netherlands and don’t really have a back yard to speak of so container gardening is the way to go! Best of luck with all your growing goodies:)

  4. ooo! im doing this this year as well! planning a very similar look at my pretty garden entry myself for one day soon. 🙂

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