Is it a plant, is it an alien?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m growing my own salad and vegetables this year.

In keeping with my infiltration of German society, I thought I’d better grow some proper German veg. And what could be more German than having your garden full of kohlrabi?

Well… that’s what I thought until they started to turn into aliens… right there in my vegetable patch! Seriously… some are purple and some are green… but they’ve all got tentacles… or possibly antennae. I can’t sleep at night as I’m expecting them to invade the kitchen any minute. If I don’t post again, you’ll know they got me….


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8 responses to “Is it a plant, is it an alien?

  1. Ooh, lovely! We adore kohlrabi and purple is so IN this year. I should have planted some – we’ve only got strawberries and four tiny cucumber plants that I’m trying not to kill.

  2. Nick

    Definitely a TRIFFID!

  3. Ok, I’ve seen kohlrabi before, but have to admit I’ve never seen it look quite like that! That would spook me too. I started growing veggies of my own this Summer too…starting small…have 1 tomato plant. Baby steps for me as I kind of have a “black thumb” when it comes to plants :o(

  4. They look absolutely delicious!
    How come they are so big already? I’ve sown some green and purple kohlrabi on my allotment and they are nowhere near as tall as yours.

    Enjoy eating them!

  5. ricky

    when I first looked on your site, about 2 years ago, you had insights into German life… now your site is either U Tube or minimal.
    Have you given up? I understand if burnout has happened, yet… you had so much humor and your stories previously (2007) were so spot on…
    It is ok if you have moved on… I/we understand… for me though, I’ve stopped looking. sorry.

    • Sorry to lose a reader. It’s true that I’ve been a bit sparse on the updates recently… I’m working on a new book, and it’s that makes it harder to keep up a blog at the same time. When you’ve been working at writing, you don’t want to write in your spare time too…

  6. Jul

    We’re growing a couple purple kohlrabi on the balcony this year. They aren’t a very efficient use of space, but they sure are pretty…

  7. Having a garden in your backyard is a lot of fun. Watching the plants grow as the days go by gives a person insight into what life is all about. My favorite spring plant is rhubarb and it makes a good pie for the dinner table. My potato plants are going wild. I sure would like to know what is eating the leaves on my bean plants.

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