Hedgehogs in the garden!

This afternoon as I was coming out of my office, I heard a rustling in the ivy next to the door. I decided to investigate… and I found a mother hedgehog with three little babies, hiding in a nest of dead leaves next to the pig-sty.

It wasn’t easy to photograph them, as they were too well hidden under foliage.

I did get a nice clip of Mum in search of slugs though! And any creature which eats slugs is very welcome in my garden.



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3 responses to “Hedgehogs in the garden!

  1. My lastest book review has a paragraph on how to cook a hedgehog! Perhaps you don’t wish to know about that but here is the extract:

    “The body he gave to Judith to pack in still clay and went on to the next one. Judith made a smooth ball around the animal and placed it in the fire. An hour later, the baked spheres were rolled out of the fire with a stick, cracked open, and the cooked hedgehogs were lifted out naked and steaming. Their prickles remained stuck in the clay and pulled easily from the flesh . . and the fine smelling meat was passed around. John ate. It tasted as well as he’d remembered: a sweet, earthen, secret flavour. The meat was tender. Warm grease coated his lips”.

    • Of course I wouldn’t want to cook my guest hedgehogs!

      I think the passage you quote is far more poignant because hedgehog is an animal we don’t associate with food. We’re too conditioned by a childhood of Beatrix Potter and Mrs. Tiggywinkle. If you re-read it substituting “hedgehog” with”chicken” or “rabbit” and “prickles” for “feathers” or “fur”, you don’t get the same strange semi-shock feeling, and the passage loses its edge.

  2. Do you remember when you could buy hedgehog-flavoured crisps?

    It must have been the middle of the 1980s.

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