Please do not run over this hedgehog!

The hedgehog babies are proper teenage hedgehogs these days.

Last night one of them strolled out of the undergrowth and lay down on our driveway and promptly fell asleep. Personally I suspect he’d had one too many fermented apples from up the end of the garden, because he was snoring like a miniature pig.

However, he’d also positioned himself right behind our car, which we’d be reversing out of the drive first thing in the morning, so I didn’t want to risk leaving him there.

Of course, moving a drunk juvenile hedgehog is not a task I undertake lightly. As luck would have it, there was an old set of oven gloves lying by the barbecue… so I used those to pick him up.

He sort of stared at me blearily, as teenagers do when they’ve had their first taste of cider. But he didn’t object. So I carried him back towards the nest where I’d first met the family and deposited him in the leaves to sleep it off.

He lay there snoring for about an hour, then finally roused himself and toddled off in search of …. what? Another apple? A couple of slugs? A hangover cure?


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4 responses to “Please do not run over this hedgehog!

  1. Too cute!
    The oven mitts were a great idea.

  2. oh i love hedgehogs! we have a family of them that show up outside of the kitchen (ma and two little hogs) every evening. tee hee.

  3. We’ve got a lot of them too, here between autobahn, street and buildings, they live in the “Oekotop” in Duesseldorf Heerdt. They are really cute and I love to watch them, specially climbing fences, but I never have seen hedgehog babies….

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