Growing grapes

The weather has been kind over the last week.  The autumn sunshine has started to bring some colour to my grapes.

Of course we’ve been eating them non-stop. With around 600 bunches of grapes to deal with, you can’t let up for a day. You need to eat grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve made grape jam, grape juice, wine…. I’m even starting to create recipes for grape ketchup and grape pickle….

Anyone got any more ideas…?  Bearing in mind the following of course:

– my grapes are full of pips. Life is too short to de-pip grapes manually… though cooking and straining them is OK

– Life is definitely too short to skin grapes. Unless you want to come round and do it for me, of course.

I think by the end of this week, I won’t be able to look at another grape….


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5 responses to “Growing grapes

  1. Grape marmelade? With strips of grape skin of course…

    Grape jelly

    Grape schnaps (called “Singani” – see )

    Grape butter (

    Grape syrup

    … finally you could make a cheese & grape Käseigel ( – apparently they used to be a big party tradition in Germany as well

  2. Gaby Pinkner

    why don’t you make some wine?

  3. Federweißer

    has not been mentioned yet. Then of course, you should make some Zwiebelkuchen to go with that:))

  4. I’m thinking chutney is always good for using up a kilo or two of fruit.

    Frozen grapes are also good for healthy snacks or as weird alternative ice cubes in some drinks.

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