I have the perfect face for radio!

This is exciting! I was invited this week to be – get this – a special guest star on Graham Tappenden’s weekly News Quiz. Graham records a podcast of his quiz every other week under the name “Truly German” – though in picking me as his guest, I think he may have been thinking “Bungled German” … because I’m anything but a well integrated seamlessly teutonic citizen of this country. More of a wanabee Kraut. How sad is that?

Anyway… I rose to the challenge and tackled the most tricky and challenging questions I’ve ever come across about current events this week in Germany… which mysteriously didn’t include Müntefering’s crash landing or the Ansbach school attack… but rather less mainstream issues such as Meerbusch school toilets, a terrorist wearing a carrot bomb and footballers getting parking tickets. Not to mention a cat that excretes money.

Anyway… pour yourselves a mug of cocoa, or a glass of pils, sit yourselves down comfortably and listen to it here!



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6 responses to “I have the perfect face for radio!

  1. Wow, some English-language blogs in Germany have been around for ages. Thanks for the link.

  2. Hi Cathy! I loved listening to this.

    Just so you know I’m sharing this on Newsvine. *smiles*

  3. At least you won a t-shirt which I have not managed to do in three podcasts.

    “I took the AllThingsGerman.net quiz and all I got was a lousy score…” Only an idea for my future shirt:))

  4. Carolyn B.

    Hello, Cathy.
    This is pretty cool.
    I love radio, though I’m not familiar with podcasts. But it sounds like this was fun.

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