Germany’s New Outside Minister


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6 responses to “Germany’s New Outside Minister

  1. God, that’s horrifying. Is it real?

    I mean Westerwelle, not the video.

  2. I believe that Mr. Westerwelle can actually speak good English. All the jokes stem from his refusal to answer the first question put to him by a foreign journalist because it was asked in English.

    Probably not his smartest move. He could have come across as confident and cosmopolitan… but ended up looking “kleinkariert” and “zickig”.

    More info here:,1518,659333,00.html

  3. On the other hand…

    “Herr Miliband, wenn ich ausnahmsweise eine Frage auf Deutsch stellen dürfte…”

    wouldn’t go down too well either…

  4. 2nd thought: can the BBC not manage to send someone to Germany to cover an election who can actually speak the language?

    If not, where do I send my CV to? 🙂

    • I’m sure the BBC journalist can speak German, but I’m equally sure the BBC would prefer to broadcast the reply in Mr. Westerwelle’s original voice rather than a voiced-over interpreter voice. Previous German foreign ministers have answered questions in English, I believe.

  5. I for one am not completely convinced of Guido’s English capabilities. From what I’ve heard so far it sounds similar to mine 27 years ago when I had reached a certain level in school.


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