Easter in Germany

I’ve spent the day teaching my youngest daughter the art of making chocolate rabbits.

I’ve been a scavenger of German flea markets for years, and one of the things you happen upon from time to time are old chocolate moulds. After nearly twenty years in Germany, I’ve amassed quite a collection.

There are a few things you need to know about making your own chocolate forms. First… getting the chocolate into the mould is simple, if sticky. Getting the chocolate figure out of the mould, on the other hand, takes a bit of a knack. With metal moulds, it’s definitely worth greasing first with a little sunflower oil. Once you’ve added the chocolate, put the whole thing in the freezer to set until it’s really hard…. otherwise it will disintegrate when you try to get it out. Of course you will then have to eat the broken bits. (Alright… technically you could melt them again and have another go… but who does that, when there’s chocolate to be had? Huh?)

Anyway… after a hard afternoon’s work, our kitchen is now overrun with rabbits and chickens  (well… they do seem to multiply…)

Oh… and for good measure there are still some hot cross buns left from the batch I made yesterday. It promises to be a good Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!


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4 responses to “Easter in Germany

  1. yg

    sounds fantastic. what sort of chocolate do you find works best? and how much do those lovely molds go for on average at the flohmarkt?? i’ll have to start keeping my eyes a bit wider open.

    • I made these with regular chocolate bought from the supermarket… I think it was Alpenmilch or something. But the very best is Belgian chocolate…. it’s a bit firmer, so it doesn’t break as easily when it comes out of the mould.

      The price varies a lot… between €5 and €25 … depending on whether the person selling them thinks their old junk or antiques. I only bought one at the really expensive price… but it was a must have “Max und Moritz” set.

  2. Stephanie

    Great Post! You should also checkout http://blog.mygermancity.com/

  3. Check out Dackel Princess. I have an entry up about Einstein, the World’s Smallest Horse!
    Sorry I haven’t been around too much, actually getting ready to bring my Anneliese (dackel) to Germany to visit with her boyfriend! More dackel puppies this summer!

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