Do they mean us?

OK… when I say us, I actually mean the Germans for once.  I was in London this week… and I discovered that in the midst of World Cup fever the Brits have introduced a whole range of new flavours of crisps. (For the benefit of our American readers I should explain that crisps are what you call chips, not to be mistaken for what we call chips, which is what you call fries… (French, Freedom or whatever…). Are you still with me?).

Anyway, it seems that in honour of the Germans, the Brits are now eating these…

Yes… you saw it correctly. German Bratwurst Sausage flavoured crisps (not my tortology).

What will they think of next?


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9 responses to “Do they mean us?

  1. It does sound a bit strange, but it seems a whole lot more reasonable than the English flavour: English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding?

  2. Wow do those sound nasty. Did you try em?

    • No… I delegated it to my husband. He did eat them, but said he won’t be repeating the experience.

      I did have a sniff of them… they sort of smell like Bratwurst, but there’s something oh so very wrong about that smell on a bag of crisps….

  3. Pin-Ji

    In Singapore, we have Pringles crisps in Hazelnut & Blueberry flavour. I can’t bring myself to try it…

  4. And I thought the paprika were inedible…until I tried them–not bad. But all of these flavors leave a bad taste in my mouth, and I haven’t even tried them yet (bad pun, sorry).

  5. I tried the roast beef and Yorky pud ones when I was in the UK at the weekend – they’re actually not bad!

  6. Mellie

    Well thats so funny!
    Bratwurst sausage! haha
    The “wurst” in Bratwurst means sausage so what they wrote is roughly “roastsausage sausage”!
    I guess they could use a decent interpretor!

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