A vegetable jungle

I posted in April about starting a vegetable garden. It seems that two months is a long time in gardening.

Those pictures of bare soil and a windswept wasteland of a vegetable patch are now distant memories… today the vegetable patch looks like this.

The greenhouse is nearly impassible…

We’re already almost self sufficient in vegetables.

Every conceivable piece of waste space where I put a tub has now sprouted triffids…

I shall need a machete just to get to the gate soon! Herr Doktor Livingstein I presume?


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7 responses to “A vegetable jungle

  1. That’s remarkable. Congratulations!

  2. Looking good. My garden this year has been a total flop. Seeds in the greenhouse didn’t come up, and the chickens are eating everything I plant outside. I’ve learned my lesson: next year better anti-chicken fences.

  3. Oh and Cathy, just wanted to email you, but can’t seem to find where I saved your email address. Wanted to know if it would be possible to get another review copy of your lovely book. (I gave the one you sent me two years ago to my aunt, who quite enjoyed it.) Working for a website called young-germany.de now, and I would love to do a write up about it on our site and then raffle the review copy of the book off to one of our facebook fans. What do you think? I suppose you’ll have my email address then in the comment, so just drop me a line if your interested. 🙂

  4. Blimey! I’ve hardly planted anything this year – and the slugs ate my courgettes LOL

  5. Jul

    Yum! Your peas are making me swoon.

    My balcony garden is looking pretty pathetic this year. I planted late and the sun hasn’t come out since.

  6. It is splendid. So lush and vibrant. Enjoy the fruits of you labor!

  7. Brenda Mayer

    Wow! Out of 35 tomato seedlings we have a grand total of 5 survivors. And my husband beams with pride. He credits his family’s illustrious agricultural history for our remarkable success.

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