The alternative workplace revolution and me!

Today I received a parcel in the post, containing Alex Johnson’s Shedworking book.  I was excited, partly because I love his blog of the same name which is always brimming with pictures of the sort of amazing sheds, garden offices, treehouses, shepherds’ huts, beach huts etc. which make you want to drool.

I was particularly intrigued though, because Alex had promised me that my very own lovely pig sty would feature in the book. And he was true to his word! There on page 85 I found this.

My lovely red-doored pigsty-office with the vine, ivy and roses trailing over it! Not to mention a lovely account of some of our nicest and weirdest shedworking experiences.

My excitement grew even more as I browsed the other sheds, huts, trailers and caravans… and I discovered just how cool and hip I have become since I worked in a shed. Apparently I am now glowing with productivity, significantly less stressed, healthier, more creative… and this because I work from a pigsty in my garden, rather than an office. I haven’t read the whole book yet (I’m saving the next chapter for this evening)… but I’m already looking forward to finding out if my intelligence, sex life..and even my vuvuzela-playing skills have also benefited.  I rather think they all have!

I have certainly been a convert for many years to the lifestyle enhancement that working from a garden-office brings. Not just the  tranquility and closeness to nature, not just the lack of distraction and the ability to switch in and out of work-mode at will… but the fun that accompanies working in this kind of environment. The spontaneous barbecues if the weather is nice, the ability to sit out and work in the garden in Summer, the lack of commuting and needing to dress up for work, the ability to fill in downtime usefully by picking rhubarb or planting beans.

So this evening I shall sit in the sunshine outside my lovely pigsty with a cold beer and feel warm and smug.

And I rather think my husband, who works in the adjacent lean-to will do the same…


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3 responses to “The alternative workplace revolution and me!

  1. oh how beautiful! this makes me want to get a small second wagon, the office wagon. oooh. love those climbing vines!

  2. gorgeous place for an afterwork drink… but aren’t you tempted to spend the whole day there?

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