Planet Bavaria

Just when I thought I’d got used to the strange country that is Germany, I went to Bavaria. Bavaria is actually another country situated about 5 million miles away from the Federal Republic and has nothing whatsoever in common with it.

They speak a different language for a start…

They also eat things which other Germans wouldn’t necessarily recognise as food. Let alone squeamish Brits…

In fact Bavarian cuisine seems to consist entirely of strange unidentifiable bits of animal… anyone got a clue what this is?



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6 responses to “Planet Bavaria

  1. Amusing post, thanks.
    As a Bavarian (living in Paris) I can fully understand your confusion. Concerning food, we Bavarians have sort of a Chinese approach: we simply eat the whole thing and not only the noble parts.
    The photos you’ve taken show: sweet-and-sour lung stew (Saure Lunge), and the “Roter Preßsack” is nothing else than what the Brits would call Black Pudding, well, sort of.
    Don’t miss the “Weißwürste” as long as you’re down under in Germany but beware: they’re only served before noon…

  2. We are expats in Munich (Bavaria), so I understand your outlook on it being a different country from the rest of Germany–so I was warned. My Google Translate calls “Saure Lunge,” “Acid Lung.”
    ” Yep! Give me two cans, please!”

  3. Gerhard

    And now just to totally confuse you: we differ between North Bavaria (Frankonia) and South Bavaria. Of course we south Bavarians will never ever accept the Frankonians to be real Bavarians EXCEPT when it comes to battle against the Fed. Rep. of Germany, which happens to be a country located north and west of the state of Bavaria.

    Come and dare drive on our Autobahn with any other car than BMW or Audi ….

  4. Christian

    Pooohhh now I know again why Britains has to live on an Island )))

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