Need a new window?

After the recent revelations in the German Catholic Church, I fear this one will have to go…



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5 responses to “Need a new window?

  1. This depiction of devout demeanour seems politically incorrect in our times…

    Cathy, where do you find these pictures?:))

  2. I don’t understand why an accurate picture of church-goings-ons would need to be replace. As I understand it, this happens regularly, unlike, oh, rapture.

  3. !!!!!!!

    I guess I’m speechless.

  4. nicole

    only somebody with a dirty mind would see in this window what you see. this is why new windows will not show pictures like this. i’m sure this window is old, and should be recognized as art, because this is what it is. it is nothing dirty!

    • If more people had a “dirty mind”, as you delightfully call it, rather than looking the other way, some of the cases of abuse might have been stopped far earlier. I personally find the denial and sweeping under the carpet of child abuse far more objectionable.

      I agree with you that new windows will not show this type of scene in future. Also that the window was not intended to portay anything untoward originally. But seen in the light of what we now know of what went on… it’s not a comfortable image to have in a church.

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