Rainbow over Germany

Lovely rainbow over the house this evening…. I shall be checking the fireplace for a crock of gold later…



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4 responses to “Rainbow over Germany

  1. Have the sales of your book turned into a crock of gold…?:-)

    Have you looked there yet?

    Wishing you the best, Cathy!

  2. It does look like it is going down your chimney!

    I have a similar post on my blog here: http://auftakt.blogspot.com/2009/05/somewhere-over-etc.html

    BTW have you got a Facebook page for your book (or indeed for yourself)? I find FB rather annoying at times, but I think it would be a great and easy way to get people to ‘join’ Planet Germany.

  3. gold or not it’s still beautiful (although gold always helps – lol). Thanks for stopping by mine, and for introducing me to your place on the web 🙂

    Ps. hope this comment comes through! been having problems with my rubbish boat connection!

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