Herd of deer invades!

I just looked out of my office window and there was a herd of deer crossing the courtyard just outside.

Now I know who has been nibbling my courgettes!


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4 responses to “Herd of deer invades!

  1. My, my, you are having an interesting morning… first the rainbow, now a herd of deer.

    We’d better stay tuned to see what is happening next…:)

  2. Aren’t they lovely though? What do you do to keep deer out of the garden?

    • I don’t do anything to keep them out… I rather like having them around. Although sometimes I’ve had a bit of a shock coming out of the house because something the size of a small horse is standing in front of me. They are quite shy, so they will run away if they see you – which can be a bit scary as they’re not all that well coordinated when they’re startled, so the risk of them jumping on your car or bashing into your greenhouse is quite high…

  3. Deer are better than the packs of marauding wild boar you can get in your garden around Berlin. They really are a nuisance, and potentially dangerous, though the piglets are cute!

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