My apple trees have gone mad this year!

No sooner are we over the courgette glut than the apple glut starts…

We have three apple trees. Two James Grieves and one Cox. In particular the Cox has decided that we need to eat about 1000 apples within the next month or so.

This morning I went out and picked a huge pot full. But there are still hundreds left on the tree.

I anyone has any good apple recipes… this is the time to post them! Please!


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6 responses to “My apple trees have gone mad this year!

  1. David

    Nice looking fruit. How about making cider?

  2. If you were single and unemployed, I would suggest you make Apple butter.

    It is a wonderful spread, but takes forever to make it. Requires constant stirring, or your ceiling will be splattered – not to mention burn marks on your body.

    Would you care to have this recipe…:-)?

  3. Moonwaves

    Do you have a dehydrator? Drying your own slices to have on hand is so, so much better than buying the ‘apple chips’ you get in the shops.

  4. And just in time, here’s a thread started on a discussion forum about what to do with apples…

  5. OK … so far I’ve done:

    Apple chutney
    Apple sauce
    Apple pie filling (several batches in the freezer)
    Apple crumble
    Baked apples
    Apple & Cinnamon Jam
    Apple, walnut and raisin pizza (not as bad as it sounds – it’s a dessert with a sweet base)
    Apple tart

    I picked another huge tub of apples yesterday – and there are still more on the trees.

  6. Michele J

    I’d look for “Lohnmost” in your area. You take your fruit and get juice in return. I think they take a cut as payment. Where I live there’s a roving historical press where they’ll do it for free but you have to bring at least 50 kg of fruit. They give it some kind of rudimentary pasteurization and it’s supposed to last 3/4 of a year. Or don’t pasteurize and enjoy hard cider and apple jack by freezing outside.

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