Rhineland Tapas…

We were out the other night in a local pub, and I noticed an intriguing menu suggestion on the blackboard. Rheinische Tapas… or Tapas from the Rhineland.

Of course it just had to be tried!

So here is what it looks like…

Rheinische Tapas

Meine Damen und Herren… carpaccio of Blutwurst (black pudding) with a mist of chopped onion…. raw pork…. salted herring and beetroot puree… with a side of chopped raw onions… snipped raw spring onions…  bruchetta of chopped Blutwurst and raw onion with radishes… fried onions… and toasted baguette… mustard was optional. Altbier (local dark beer) was not optional… it was most definitely a Pflicht (duty)…


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7 responses to “Rhineland Tapas…

  1. No doubt about it… much of the local cuisine is an acquired taste!

    I’m beginning to worry that I may have been here too long… I’ve not yet had lunch, and this actually looks tempting!?!? Ugh!

  2. As a vegetarian living in Germany, I must say that finding something to eat in a deutsche Küche restaurant is – er – challenging to say the least! You can ask for a simple tomato soup and find a lump of Wurst in the bottom, asparagus comes sprinkled with bits of bacon, and lumps of pork fat seem obligatory for coating roast potatoes. Not that they tell you that on the menu.
    Gott sei Dank für so many Pizzerias, noodle huts, and falafel imbisses!

    • You could make a German vegetarian tapas plate though… it would have Soleier, Handkäse mit Musik, Krautsalat… plus the four or five raw onions that seem to be served with everything around here!

  3. jabgoe

    Never saw this before but it’s really cool, kind of “himmel un ääd” as tapas. Obviously much more satisfying than the traditional “halve hahn”.

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