The German military always get such bad film roles…

For those of us who grew up on the output of Pinewood studios, the last role you ever wanted to be cast in was the German soldier. They always ended up being outsmarted by the cunning but underdog allies.  Your last line was always something like “Gott im Himmel!” before you were taken out by a bouncing bomb, or your zeppelin went down in flames or something.

A quick trawl through some of the photo material available at the Bundeschiv suggests that there’s another side to the German military… and I thought I’d share. So next time you get cast as the idiot sleeping sentry, at least you’ll know it wasn’t all the way the script suggests…

Planet Germany

Steve McQueen, eat your heart out!

Planet Germany

Helmut...I think we lost something

Planet Germany

Who stole my pint?

Planet Germany

Rappers, Herr Oberst. Hundreds of them!

Planet Germany

Maybe we could get a role in the Carry On films instead...


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5 responses to “The German military always get such bad film roles…

  1. Wonderful pix! I think the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) depiction of the caricature Nazi soldier was in Mel Brooks’ brilliant movie, The Producers. The character was the author of the play, “Springtime For Hitler,” which was central to the plot.

  2. Mairead

    The last picture’s comical subject would fit well with much of the military “socialising” you see today on social networking sites. I love it!….. We received a silly Christmas card of the comical military theme this Christmas just gone (we know most them in the photo):!/photo.php?fbid=10150094379179853&set=a.10150094378634853.311240.183445384852&theater

  3. I’m a little scared by the carry on photo. Just what were they doing? No, no, on second thought I don’t think I want to know.

  4. an der Lahn

    did you see the Saarbrucken Tatort that was on about a month (or two) ago. Excellent – and a lot of it was filmed at a Bundeswehr Kaserne.

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