Rosenmontag in the Rhineland – parades and politics

We’re in the middle of the fifth season here in the Rhineland. The silly season. Karneval season.

The normally sensible and dare I say, somewhat dull members of the local community will be dressed in odd uniforms, wigs, feathered hats and face paint for the next few days as they go about their normal business or drink in the local pubs.


In normal life he's probably a tax inspector

Karneval is now building up to Rosenmontag – the day of the big processions. In the Rhineland there is always a political dimension to the parades. Fabulous floats drive through the streets with oversized 3D caricatures of local, national and international politicians. This year I think we can confidently expect Mr. zu Guttenberg and his cut-and-paste doctoral thesis to feature prominently.

Rhineland Karneval

Serious politics requires a fool's commentary

I also think some of the previous years’ ideas could well be reused…the Hoppeditz clearly didn’t manage to get much changed last time he was (briefly) in power!

Rhineland Karneval

Milking the motorist


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3 responses to “Rosenmontag in the Rhineland – parades and politics

  1. I love the sound of silly season. I wish we had it here in Holland. I wish we had it and it was all year round.

  2. To get a whiff of this Stallduft, I only have to go back to my hometown village (population 2800)in northern Bavaria.

    Have to admit though that as soon as we drive into the village, we are hit with the smell of manure, a flash-back.

    Would not trade this for anything, but on the other hand, I would not buy it either:-)

  3. We spent Karneval in Cologne this year – love it!

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