Commenting on royalty and representing the Germans to the French

It’s been a hectic week in Planet Germany. Not only has the Rhineland been turned upside down with Karneval, but the fame of Planet Germany has been spreading.

This week I was asked by Christoph Driessen of dpa why the Germans love the British monarchy so much. Of course that one is easy. The British monarchy is in fact descended almost entirely from German nobility. In a sense, the Germans have merely outsourced its royals to Britain.  As German children grow up and transition from reading about princesses in Grimms Märchen to reading about them in Bunte and Gala, the British Royals take centre stage in the German psyche.

I suspect the Swabians were behind sending the German Royals to Britain though. You see, as Germany gears up excitedly for the royal wedding, it is now the British taxpayer who will foot the bill for the celebrations. Germans everywhere are hoping for a profligate affair – especially the Schwaben.

Mr. Driessen’s article can be found here (in German).

German royalty

I rather fancy moving to Britain darling, what do you think?

Apart from my new-found status as German Royal watcher, I am also now a cultural ambassador to the French apparently. The auswärtiges Amt is featuring Planet Germany on its website at the moment as a fine example of expats loving life in Germany.

I shall await with interest the response of the French to my (British) views on the Germans –  these being three nations that have never been known to see eye to eye on many cultural matters.

Entente Cordiale

Entente Cordiale?



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5 responses to “Commenting on royalty and representing the Germans to the French

  1. Having to deal with the French is what they call “la ranson du succès” I guess 🙂

    And while I’m here: As a german who spent most of his childhood in France, I really enjoy reading your “outside view” on germans, keep up the nice work!

  2. Michael

    Hi Mrs Dobson,

    die Bayern träumen auch von einer Monarchie und wo kann ich Gesichtsbuchmäßig den Daumen hoch halten.


    So… Daumen hoch für das ( ja wirklich sachlich DAS ) Blog

    Weiter so und beste Grüße

  3. The interconnectedness of all the European royals is so bizarrely fascinating.

    Well actually, for an American, the whole concept of royals entirely is bizarrely fascinating…

  4. David

    I was listening to Hennng Wehn on the wireless a few weeks ago and he was upset that Princes William and Harry had been depicted in the press as West Ham supporters. He felt that they should be supporting their local team – Hannover 96

  5. Bob

    Now look here you Damn Struddle Monkies quit trying to cause trouble

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