Strange German Easter customs

One of the unusual events you can watch around Easter time is the strange sport practised in the village of Buldern in Westphalia.  It is known as Osterhasseln. It involves two teams, one from the East and one from the West of the village lining up in the street and hurling a wooden disk (known as the Hassel) at each other.  The purpose is to get the disk over a line drawn on the street which is the opponent’s territory.

Due to the high risk of bone fractures, the players tend to tape foam padding around their legs… which adds to the overall sense of the bizarre….


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3 responses to “Strange German Easter customs

  1. Let’s hope the ‘elf n safety’ brigade does not reach Germany!

  2. It’s probably something to do with the land being so flat.

    If there were more hills, the might go for a more English tradition:

  3. I’m trying to weigh up which is more dangerous. This or the flaming wheel. No wait, this played with a flaming wheel. There you go.

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