Hedgehog season is with us again

It’s prickly times in our garden.  Frau Hedgehog has only produced one baby this year… but she’s certainly got her paws full with this one. It’s a non-stop squeaker when they’re out and about!

Ooooh! Is this the big wide world?

'ere, Mama, who is the weird lady with the camera?

Never mind her... follow me and I'll treat you to a nice juicy slug....




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7 responses to “Hedgehog season is with us again

  1. My, oh my, they are so cute!

    Do they do any damage around your yard though?

  2. Oh yeah! I only ever see our hedgehog niehgbors in the middle of the night. Lucky for you and your camera. I’d never seen one before I moved to Germany.

  3. Love them!!! I wish we had some on our terrace. Someone told me to leave out cat food to attract them, but there’s a stray cat that always hangs around, and I think that’s the only critter it would attract.

  4. Sophia

    Frau Igel’s hometown is on the German bank of the Moselle near Trier!

  5. What sweet, tiny faces, and that little, long snout… Love it. Brings back memories of when I was seven or eight, and we had a bald hedgehog resident in our back garden (just a few random spikes left).

  6. Jane

    Absolutely adorable! One of the good things in Germany.

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