It doesn’t have to be Aldi…

Today I was down in Düsseldorf, so I took the opportunity to pick up some groceries in the Altstadt.

First stop was the bakery. As with all the best German bakeries, there was a baffling array of different types of bread, and of course I wanted to try them all. In the end I settled on the Senfkrüste as well as a crusty white.

German bakery

Next, on to the market on the Carlsplatz. I decided not to stop at the butcher’s today…

… because to go with that bread I really wanted some nice cheese…

After the e-coli scare, at least salad is back on the menu again…

The fresh asparagus was tempting…

But in the end it was the mushrooms which beckoned…

…with fresh herbs…

…and of course some fine ingredients for a dressing… including the famous Düsseldorfer Senf (mustard)…

So that’s dinner sorted. What are you having? 😉




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5 responses to “It doesn’t have to be Aldi…

  1. Oh, yum! I would be ever so jealous- if not for the fact that this market is so close & it is merely my laziness that i haven’t got there recently. But mostly for the bakery truth be told. It is the best I have EVER come across – ANYWHERE!! And I was thrilled to take my dad there a few years ago – he’s a master baker by trade … and yes… he was appropriately impressed – so now I feel paternally validated by my overt gushing about their bread! (!?)

    Dinner tonight here involves summer globe artichoke. It would appear they are now “in season”. I have never cooked them before. Infact, I’ve never actually eaten the whole thing with leaves before – so it is quite exciting! It’s not every night one gets to do something for the “first time”. I have had to “You tube” instructions…. (Gordon Ramsay – you’d better be right! Swearing I can do just fine on my own….)

    As a curious side note – have you a secret recipe that combines the “Senf” with the mushrooms? If so, do share…

    • I do the mushrooms with butter and fresh origano and a bit of garlic, but not so much as to drown the mushroom flavour. The mustard goes into the salad dressing. Oil, white wine vinegar, mustard, garlic and a little honey. 🙂

  2. This is how I shop in Munich, but we just moved and they have a produce farmer’s market on Wednesday and Meats/Cheese/Fish on Friday. All fresh from local farmers. I’m in the states until mid-July so I can’t wait to return and try them out. Your photos are wonderful!

  3. Jul

    I wish the bakers near me would arrange their wares in such attractive piles!

  4. I want to have some salad with mustard sauce as my dressing. They look so good and so fresh.

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