Oh dear. The Brits are ranting on about the Germans again.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. The annual anti-German summer filler from the Sun has arrived early, owing to a piece of genetic research in Britain which has established that half of all Britains are actually genetically partly German. It seems that the many Germans migrated to Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries… and we are their descendents. So all those jokes about German stereotypes are actually on us!

Today The Sun is running a tongue in cheek quiz entitled: How German are you?

Of course, the key to being German would appear to be an inability to pass an empty beach-lounger without depositing a towel on it, a penchant for hairy armpits and the ability to win at football.  The Sun is rather outdated on certain of its clichés though. I’m not sure many Germans would recognise a Liebfraumilch if it turned up at their Grillfest, and wearing socks with sandals is much more of a British thing (Germans being more likely to be hanging around the pool in their Badelatschen in any case). The question about delayed trains is superfluous. Trains are not delayed.

And as for Lederhosen… clearly The Sun is confusing Germany with the Free State of Bavaria… which is a different country altogether, surely?

How on earth do you spot a German?


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4 responses to “Oh dear. The Brits are ranting on about the Germans again.

  1. You haven’t tried trains in the south, they are RARELY punctual. It’s an accepted fact of life!!

  2. The trains aren’t entirely reliable round my way either… and we have socks and sandals APLENTY!!

  3. You can always tell a German, but you can’t tell him much…

  4. I think if Bavarians dressed like that they’d all be a tad chilly.

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