The Germans answer back…

After yesterday’s How German are you? quiz in The Sun, the Germans have responded. Today’s Bild is offering a test where people can check whether they are real Brits or not.

Fortunately due to a broken link, there is currently only one question at the moment:

What can you talk about for weeks on end?

a: The colour of the Queen’s hat?

b: A bridesmaid’s backside?

c: Whether a ball which was obviously not over the line was actually a goal?

Only one's milliner knows one's secret...


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2 responses to “The Germans answer back…

  1. When I see stuff like this, half of me wants to deplore it, and half of me wants to join in the fun.

    Saying that Brits like their beer lukewarm, have bad dentistry or never use sunscreen is hardly akin to saying that all immigrants are lazy or perpetrating the Blood Libel. Part of living in an open, relaxed society is the ability to tell the difference between what’s unfair to say, and what’s a legit joke.

    Laughing about these differences can them, and makes them less threatening to the xenophobe.

    I notice, though, that the German jokes about Brits are a tad more stinging.

  2. They are indeed – the rest of the survey is working now… and it certainly lacks the gentle humour of The Sun’s version….

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