My German Garden

To be honest, I haven’t done a lot in the garden this year. First the arctic winter dragged on… then there were dry spells which seemed to coincide with weekdays when I was working, but pouring rain and decidedly gardener-unfriendly weather on days when I could have got my wellies on.

But nevertheless, as summer approaches, there are still some signs of a good harvest coming up.

My tomatoes are being very Teutonic this year – they are growing in formation. They line up on the stalk in a very orderly fashion.


German tomatoes... neatly growing in orderly rows

My first aubergine is not so orderly. In fact Birgit has accused me of having a positively disorderly aubergine. “It’s all wonky, there’s a definite list to the left,” she said to me yesterday, having subjected my entire crop to a military-style inspection. Pah! It’ll still taste lovely … even if it doesn’t live up to Germanic expectations.

On the fruit front, the strawberries have pretty much finished now and the rhubarb-season is past. But the grapes are starting to show a lot of promise… maybe it’s time for another doomed attempt at wine-making…

Meanwhile, down in the jungle orchard there are very promising developments on the apple and plum front…

Lovely plums... ooooh...err....



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5 responses to “My German Garden

  1. Hello, I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. My husband and I travel to Germany about once a year and while traveling the back roads we pass by lovely vegetable gardens. It sounds as though your garden is doing well. We have had so much cool rainy weather hear in Maine that are tomato plants seem to be in limbo.

  2. So jealous of your garden! We walk past the “shriebergartens” in our town every day and covert the outdoor space and homegrown fruits and veggies. Love your neat and orderly “German” tomatoes. 🙂

  3. Very nice garden…I like it.
    Didi you try with kiwi?

    Best regards,

  4. grapes are looking great mine have failed miserably

  5. Very nice garden. Your part of Germany must be getting all the good weather. My part has been pretty wet and cold. Almost feels like I am in England.

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